Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Make-up, Make-up, Make-up

Since working at Ulta I have learned many new things about make-up and I have purchased a few things to try. I have been hearing about eye primer and setting spray. I would say that the drug store brands (the brands I buy) do not carry these just yet, but the higher end brands do. Eye primer helps keep your eye shadow vibrant, long lasting and crease-proof, while setting spray keeps all of your make-up in place all day long. 

I found these two products at Target. This brand is very cheap their make-up starts at $1.00 and ends at $3.00. So, I willing to try their setting and primer. And to my surprise they work! I have noticed make-up lasting long, like all day! I believe they were both $3.00. If you buy the higher end brands you might be paying $20-28 dollars (I did get two samples of two different eye primers from work the other day and I am excited to see how they compare to my Target finds.

I have been buying eye shadow recently to try and get out of my comfort zone. 
1. Stilla- Sensational in Sydney: I am loving this product! It is still a little bit in my comfort zone, but the browns are more vibrant and have a little shimmer to them. The gloss/cheek at the bottom is amazing too! I recently tried it on my cheeks and loved it!
2. and 5. I bought these to give a little shimmer and bases to my eye shadows and they have been working great.
3. I just bought that this week and will be trying it soon, I have been looking for a good blue and I am hoping this works!
4. This was another Target find and it was $1.00, I actually love the blue and it stayed on all day long! Pretty good for $1.00.
6. This is a sample I got from work, it is Urban Decay and I am not too sure about the purple, maybe I will use a little brown shadow to tone it down. But, I will give it a try! 

This is what the front of the Stila looks like, I really recommend it! It is $16 dollars at Ulta and if you received the 20% off prestige cosmetics that came in the mail, you will get $3.20 off! 

I got this at Target for $7.99 or $8.99 to store my growing make-up collection. I love it because I can oragnize my face make-up and my eye make-up in different drawers. The last drawer contains all my extras.

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