Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The last couple of days I have been organizing a few drawers and cupboards. I will have things organized and then I just start throwing things in the drawers and it looks like a little explosion happened. I first organized my make/hair drawers.

I have these little compartments that I use. 

This bowl is on my night stand and I put my bobby pins, hair bands and clips in it when I am getting in bed. So, it gets full from time to time.

Messy Drawer!!! Ahhh

Ahhh, much better...

This makes me happy! Nice and Clean!

This is my baking cupboard! I did not take a before picture because I was too embarrassed! Every time I open it things start to fall out!

A basket for my bigger cookie cutter. I just love these Wilton Cookie Cutters!

These are my Easter and Spring Cookie Cutters.

All my sprinkles!!

Tubed icing.

Many Many Cookie Cutters!

A cookie jar of Cup Cake Liner.

All Organized! It makes me so happy! :)



Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Birthday!

On March 3rd my little sister turning 21! I just cannot believe it! We both live in different states, so I sent her birthday gift over the weekend and she got yesterday! Of course she opened it and could not wait until the 3rd! So, since she opened her present early I decided to post about what I got for her.

Here is my sister and I at my wedding.

I made her this birthday card. I am enjoying making homemade cards.

The inside of the card.

The back of the card.

I put all of these hearts in the package I sent her.

And I got her a gift card to Victoria Secret and a 3 moth subscription to BrichBox!

Happy Birthday Lauren!!


Monday, February 27, 2012

Project {Spring Banner}

I got inspired to create my own Spring Banner when I visited Target and was going walk through their Easter section.  Here is a picture of the Target Banner:

I actually really like this, but I thought I would try and make something similar. 

I used Felt and Cut Triangles out. I actually found a template online because I did not want my banner to be off.

Here is a closer look at the felt. 

I painted the word Spring on tan felt with paint. I really enjoyed making this sign and I cannot wait to make more for other parties/holidays. 

Happy Spring!!


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Getting Ready for Spring!

The weekend is almost over! But, it is the Academy Awards are on tonight! Have you picked who you think will win!? Well, you can do that here and watch along and see how many you get right! We are having a couple people over night watching to watch and enjoy garlic knots and pizza!

So, all the store have their Easter/Spring items out! The month of Love is not even over yet! But, that has not stopped me from buying some stuff! How can you resist not buying the cute little bunnies, signs or eggs!? Here are some pictures of what I have picked up...

The Strawberries are amazing right now! I have made some chocolate covered one too with white chocolate drizzled on top. Yum!

You always have to buy a few.

I made this! More Easter Decorations to come!

Closer look, it says Spring.

These guys I cannot get enough of, they are just so darn cute! I got them at Pier One Imports for $10.00 total. I then added some ribbon to give them a little color.

I got this from Fred Meyers.

This sign I thought I could hang outside with my potted flowers. 

I got one just like this one last year, but bigger, so I thought he needed a little friend. Bunnies are just so cute. But, I cannot over do it on the bunnies because my husband is not a fan of bunnies. 

These were at the dollar section at target! I could not pass them up! Plus they would be gone if I did not pick them up. 

I got my other Easter decorations out and they are sitting by my desk, but I have not put them up, I am trying to wait until March. If you have been reading my blog I tend to get excited about the next holiday and start decorating as soon as the stores release their items. I am going to try a little self control. I have put out some of the items I have bought this year, because I could not just put them in a box. :)

I hope you have a great week!


Sunday, February 19, 2012

This Week Update


I hope you had a good weekend! I had a great one! My mom was in town and we pretty much shopped until we dropped! We also got some delicious German food. Here are pictures to wrap up my week!

Happy Valentine's Day! This was my husband gift. 

This was my outfit for our Valentine's Day date. 
The top is Target, the jeans Lucky Brand.

We got cupcakes after dinner! This is a mini Peanut Butter Cup!

This was my Valentine's Day gift! I just love it!

The two cupcakes we got! Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and a Lemon Bar.

For the girls in my Life Group I decided to make them a little Valentine's Day goodie bag. 

I made this for our kitchen area. I went to a new store, well to me, called Craft. It was a amazing! I was Michael's and JoAnn's put together. It was a neat store and it had finished project all around the store to get you ideas. 

My mom and I exploring Portland!
My mom gave me my birthday present early! She got me a few more things I will post about later. 

When we were exploring we saw some ladies from the Red Hat Society. 
We also were stopped on a bridge because they were lifting it. It was really cool! We both have never seen that happen before. The odd thing was that there were not boats going through. But, it was neat watching it!

Our German Dinner at Gustav's. We had Spaztle and Potato Pancakes! It was soo good, I pretty much inhaled my food. 

Our Creme Brulee!

If you are ever in the Portland area and like German food go to Gustav's! It has such good food! My husband has gotten something different every time and has loved everything. I also suggest getting the pretzel with the different types of mustards for an appetizer. I cannot let you enough how good it is!

I hope you had a great weekend and ready for the work week! 


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Favorite Things This Week


I wanted to share some of my favorite things this week....

I LOVE these flowers. I absolutely love the colors and would be great for a spring wedding or party. 

I saw these pillows and fell in love. The colors are great and would work perfectly in my home. 

This is a great idea! I have already gotten some maps out, so I can do these. Just waiting until Sunday for the JoAnn/Michael's coupons! 

She looks gorgeous! 

Great idea and easy to do.

Another way of creating a board. 

I made these on Sunday and they were AMAZING! They are easy to make and addicting! My husband said, "These are the best things you have ever made!" haha

I hope you have a great day! My mommy is flying up here today! I am exciting to see her and spend the next couple days with her!