Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Outfit


Happy Wednesday! Half way through the week! Today I was just planning on going to Target to do a return and then to Costco to pick up photos and pick up a few items. But, my husband forgot his lunch this morning (I make him lunch everyday, which I love to do. I feel like it is one way to show him how much I love him. And I really do enjoy making them for him), so we decided to go out to lunch together. I love when we get to go out to lunch and have to quality time talking about our mornings. So, instead of going in running errands clothes (sweatshirt and yoga pants) I decided to get dressed up. Well, not too dressed up, but look nice.

Vest/Belt: TJ Maxx 
White Long Sleeve: TJ Maxx
Levi Jeans: TJ Maxx
Brown Heels: Payless

Have a great Wednesday!




I have been busy catching up at home from being gone for awhile that I have not had time to make a new post. We went to California for Thanksgiving and getting to California took longer than we thought. It took us 18 hours! And by hour 16 I was not a fun person to be around, I just wanted to be in a comfy bed and go to sleep. But, we finally made it and had a great time with our families...

A picture I took on our way down.

My mom and I. 

The presents I brought down.

We decorated the Christmas tree at my parent's house. 

My mom got this purse for me for Christmas! And she got it at TJ Maxx 
for a great deal. I always went back and forth on this purse and my mom got it for me.
I am one happy girl. :)
I also got some decorating items from my mom and mother-in-law. It was like going to Homegoods, but getting everything for free. I have not started redecorating, but I am excited to start.  My husband is going to think I am crazy for redecorating when I just finished our apartment. 

I am going to do a couple of posts instead of one really long one. So, this is my Thanksgiving post. 


Monday, November 21, 2011

Great Weekend & Mail Day

Happy Monday!

Last night my husband and I got back from a little weekend get away to the coast of Oregon.  It was so much fun! I am going to describe it in pictures....

The view as we drove there....

Our room.

Another picture of our room.

The sunset.

At Rogue for dinner.

Beer and Dr. Pepper.

The bar at the Attic Lounge. 

Soooo Good!!

Live music.

The view from our room

On our drive back home.

Leaf covered in ice. 

We stopped at a Christmas store. They had things from the floor to the ceiling. 

Amazing breakfast. 

We had a great time and I cannot wait for our next get away.

Now to the Great mail day...
I have been following the blog,, and she talked the Birchbox and how you sign up to get a box once a month with all kinds of beauty samples. And it is only $10 a month! So, I decided to give it a try because who does not like samples!? I finally got my pink box in the mail today!

So, what I got in the pink box was...Jouer, lip enhancer, Kate Spade perfume, Twirl, Supersmile toothpaste, Zoya nail polish (its a glittery blue), and Alex and Isabelle classic hair tie.  I have tried the perfume and love it and the nail polish is a fun color. I usually wear pink or red nail polish, so this is a nice change. I am going go to Birchbox for their how-to videos to see how the hair tie is used because it does not look like a normal hair tie. I will give update on the other items as I use them. Oh and a cool thing about the website is that you can buy the products there too!

I got the rings I ordered from Emily Katherine Designs. I love love them! I ordered my first ring from her a couple months ago and order more! They would be perfect Christmas gifts and they are at the right price too! I caught the rings when they were on sale for $5 each, so I had to order a couple. 

Here are the two rings I ordered. 

It was a good day! Now I must wrap Christmas present and start doing chores since my husband and I are going to head down to CA on Wednesday to spend Thanksgiving with our families. I can't wait to see everyone! It's been 6 months since we have seen our families. 

P.S. This is the first ring I ordered from Emily Katherine Designs, Diana Wire Wrapped Ring.

Happy Monday!! 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Making a Back Splash


Yesterday I took the tiles I turned into coaster and turned them into a "back splash" for over my oven.  Here is the final product:

Here is a close look at them.

Here is another look.

I really like how they turned out and my husband was even more impressed.  I am going to create a page about how I create certain things.  

Also, if you did not know it has been Christmas at my house for the last couple of weeks.  Our excuse is that one night our internet and TV was down. GASP! And we did not know what to do. So, I suggested we go to Target (my favorite store) and look at their Christmas Trees because I noticed they had some pretty good deals.  We ended up getting a 7ft Christmas Tree for $125 (best part is it went on sale later that week and I went back and got $25 back!). We got back home and decided we could not leave the tree in the box, so my lovely husband put it together and we decorated it. Since then I have been adding decorations to our place. I love how it is turning out. Here are a few pictures:

This is our living room. See the tree on the left? That was going to be our Christmas Tree at first, but my 
husband said we could get a bigger tree. It put a big smile on my face. Looking at the wall on the left
it makes me realize how bare it really is. I must start working on that.

This is our kitchen. I put lights around the window and the lights are actually snow flakes. They have them at Target for $2.50 each. I thought it was a great deal. Love the dollar section.

So, I bought the wreath from Target and put bigger ornaments on it, but it did not look right. Thank goodness for the dollar section at Target because I found these great little ornaments for a $1 and you got 16 of them in a tube. So, I bought a few. 

This is in our bathroom. There are the Target ornaments again. 

This is in our bath as well. I bought the frame from Target for $5.99 and the created the green back and the JOY letters. I also bought the vase at Target for $3 and the ornaments in the vase for $1. My mom always decorated every room in our house, so I had to do the same. 

This weekend is will mark 6 months of marriage and we are going away to the coast tomorrow. I can not wait to have a "mini" vacation with my husband. I hope you enjoyed my post of Christmas! Oh and the "back splash".

Have a GREAT weekend! 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

First Blog Post

Welcome to my blog! This blog is all about my wonderful life. Right now I am stay at home wife and loving life with my husband of almost six months! I have recently got involved in a website called Pinterest and it is truly amazing.  It has so many great ideas on everything in your life, I recommend you check it out and join. Pinterest has inspired me to create this blog, so here is to starting a new journey in my life. Below you will pictures of what you can expect from me and my blog. 

I made this Christmas picture frame.

Making coasters!

Saturday morning pancake with an airplane surprise.

Pork chops for dinner! 

Felt Flower.

I made more coaster, but I am thinking of doing something else with these. Stay tuned!