About Me

Things I love!
I love listening to Country music, I believe it the best music. I love reading, working out, traveling and Pinterest. Oh and my iPhone!

Where are you from?
I am born and raised in Southern California and recently moved to Oregon after I got married.

What made you start a blog?
I found the website Pinterest and it has inspired me to try new things. I have recently starting doing DIY crafts and I thought a blog would go perfectly.

I did graduate from Cal State Fullerton with my Bachelor's of Science in Child and Adolescent Development. I loved my major, but I have not found the perfect job yet (as you can see I am a stay at home wife). I did try to work at a preschool, but sadly that did not work out.  But, I am excited about what God as in store for me.

God Lover!
I am Christian and my relationship with my Father is the most important thing to me. He died for all of us on the Cross and I cannot believe He loves me so much. That is a perfect love.

My Husband
My husband and I will be married for six months on November 20th. We met through a friend at church, but he will tell you that we met at his frat house and that I "hated" him at first. I say God changed my heart about him and has truly blessed us. We are each others best friend and love spending time with each other even if it sitting on the couch watching out favorite TV shows. I love him so much! <3

DIY Craft
I just started this past month crafting, but I am loving every moment of it!

I absolutely love cooking, well baking really, but I am getting into cooking.  This website has AMAZING ideas. I have already tried a few and they turned out really well.  My husband says we have the food pallet of children, and I am okay with that because this website uses the foods we love and we get to try new things.