Saturday, June 30, 2012

Shopping in my Closet

I read two blogs daily, The Small Things Blog and From My Grey Desk Blog, and they have inspried me to go shopping in my closet. I have actually never worn these outfits, I spent about an hour and half going through my closet and making new outfits. It was really fun and I actually incorporated jewelry pieces I have not worn in awhile. You can read here about what they are doing... 


This necklace is one of my new favorites, it was a Target find. I actually saw Kate from The Small Things Blog got hers from Target, so the next time I was at Target they had it on clearance, so I picked it up!


Friday, June 29, 2012

Link Up!

Top Five Favorite Things From This Week!

Freebies from work!

Raspberry Lemonade  

Purple Nutra Nail polish

Chocolate dipped strawberries

10 days until my sister comes to Oregon! I am so excited!! She is going on vacation with me and then we are driving 18 hours to CA! 



Thursday, June 28, 2012


As you all know I have a part-time job at Ulta and the other day my manager gave me a bag of freebies! She told me I was doing a great job and she wanted to give me something before I left. It was really sweet of her and it gives me a change to use products I would probably never buy, especially now since we will be on a tight budget. But, I am loving that I get to try these products. 

1. Urban Decay: Cream Highlight- Craft contours where there were none. Our silky highlighter dries down instantly. Add luminescence to your best assets. To tell you the truth I have no idea where I am using this or how to...

2. Urban Decay: Eyeshadow Primer Potion- Eyeshadow base.

3. Urban Decay: Eyeshadow Primer Potion- Eyeshadow base. Got an even tinnier sample of the primer.

4. I cannot count! HAHA

5. Urban Decay: Mid night Cow boy-Body shimmer lotion

6. Urban Decay: Eyeshadow- Midnight Cowboy Rides Again and Flipside

7.Too Faced: Shadow Insurance- Shimmering glow, no creasing, intensifies color, & shadow lasts all day

8.Ulta: Facial Moisturizer- Use on clean face and neck daily

**Just realized an eye shadow I got did not make it in the picture, it was in yesterday's post. It is a purple color, called Purple Haze. That is probably where my missing four is.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Make-up, Make-up, Make-up

Since working at Ulta I have learned many new things about make-up and I have purchased a few things to try. I have been hearing about eye primer and setting spray. I would say that the drug store brands (the brands I buy) do not carry these just yet, but the higher end brands do. Eye primer helps keep your eye shadow vibrant, long lasting and crease-proof, while setting spray keeps all of your make-up in place all day long. 

I found these two products at Target. This brand is very cheap their make-up starts at $1.00 and ends at $3.00. So, I willing to try their setting and primer. And to my surprise they work! I have noticed make-up lasting long, like all day! I believe they were both $3.00. If you buy the higher end brands you might be paying $20-28 dollars (I did get two samples of two different eye primers from work the other day and I am excited to see how they compare to my Target finds.

I have been buying eye shadow recently to try and get out of my comfort zone. 
1. Stilla- Sensational in Sydney: I am loving this product! It is still a little bit in my comfort zone, but the browns are more vibrant and have a little shimmer to them. The gloss/cheek at the bottom is amazing too! I recently tried it on my cheeks and loved it!
2. and 5. I bought these to give a little shimmer and bases to my eye shadows and they have been working great.
3. I just bought that this week and will be trying it soon, I have been looking for a good blue and I am hoping this works!
4. This was another Target find and it was $1.00, I actually love the blue and it stayed on all day long! Pretty good for $1.00.
6. This is a sample I got from work, it is Urban Decay and I am not too sure about the purple, maybe I will use a little brown shadow to tone it down. But, I will give it a try! 

This is what the front of the Stila looks like, I really recommend it! It is $16 dollars at Ulta and if you received the 20% off prestige cosmetics that came in the mail, you will get $3.20 off! 

I got this at Target for $7.99 or $8.99 to store my growing make-up collection. I love it because I can oragnize my face make-up and my eye make-up in different drawers. The last drawer contains all my extras.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

TJ Maxx

I love going to TJ Maxx and finding a good deal, here are a few shirts I found there recently. Sadly I did not purchase any, because I was not in LOVE with any.

I love the color, but too tight under the arm

I could not really decide between these two

It was a little too big, they had no mediums

My actual outfit for the day


Monday, June 25, 2012

This Picture Says it All


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Birchbox June 2012

I really liked the products I got in my box this month. I got a Fat Eye Stick, Comodynes Self- Tanning Intensive, till Bags Small Collection, John Varvatos Star U.S.A., Likewise Facial Moisturizer + Sun Protectant SPF 50 Normal to Oily and theBalm Cosmetics Stainiac.

I have only used the Fat Eye Stick once, but I really liked it. It goes on really nice and smooth.

I have used the lip/cheek stain on my lips, and I am not too sure about it, but I will continue to test it out.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ulta Beauty

For the past two months I have been working at Ulta Beauty part-time and have learned a lot about the store. Before working there I only had been in the store once and I did not know much about it. So, the best thing about the store is that it has everything you need in one store (drug store make-up, high end make-up, a hair and nail salon, and hair products)! Also, they have tons of sales and coupons (the coupons cannot be used on the high end make-up)! They send out coupons in the Sunday paper about once a month and if you sign up for their rewards card they will send you a little magaizne with all their sales going on for the month and they attach a coupon. They always seem to have a...

It really is a great store to get all your beauty products in one place and they are actually better then target (sadly). I will continue to buying my beauty product needs from there. If you have any questions let me know! 

 P.s. You have 60 days to return any product you do not like, as long as 75% of the product is still there. How great is that?!? 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Hair Styles

Next week I am getting my hair and it is much over due. I only get my hair maybe two times a year, that's right every six months I get a hair cut. I love my long hair and hate seeing it go, but I know it will grow back. Here are a few styles I am looking at...

I like the length, and the bangs

Just love the long hair

I am in-between this

I like her bangs, but I think the hair is too short

I sent this one to my mom and sister to see what they would say

I like this style

I kinda like these bangs 

I like these bangs as well

See how long my hair is, it is even longer because it is slightly curled.

So, I am thinking of getting bangs (as you can see from the pictures) and a trim (well a little more then a trim). I am getting my hair cut at Ulta ( I am working there until June 29th) and I get 50% off, woo hoo! I will post picture Tuesday or Wednesday! 


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pinterest Love

Last night while my husband was watching the West Wing (yes we are little late on this show, but he is loving the show) I was cruising on Pinterest and this is what I found...

I love this! I cannot wait to move into our next place in August

Light & Soft

Love Love these bracelets

So be achy, would be perfect for summer in CA

Summer Time Look

Another white dress, love the pops of blue

This up-do would be perfect for the weddings I am going to this summer


Monday, June 11, 2012

Diet Cupcakes

M and I are trying to eat healthier, but sometimes you just want that sweet treat. So, we decided to make Diet Cupcakes. All you do is add a diet soda of your choice (we picked coke zero) to the cake mix and that is it! Do not add anything else that the box says to add. 

They stayed moist for the couple of days we had them! They tasted just the same as if you were to add the water, oil and eggs. And they are half the calories!