Friday, June 15, 2012

Hair Styles

Next week I am getting my hair and it is much over due. I only get my hair maybe two times a year, that's right every six months I get a hair cut. I love my long hair and hate seeing it go, but I know it will grow back. Here are a few styles I am looking at...

I like the length, and the bangs

Just love the long hair

I am in-between this

I like her bangs, but I think the hair is too short

I sent this one to my mom and sister to see what they would say

I like this style

I kinda like these bangs 

I like these bangs as well

See how long my hair is, it is even longer because it is slightly curled.

So, I am thinking of getting bangs (as you can see from the pictures) and a trim (well a little more then a trim). I am getting my hair cut at Ulta ( I am working there until June 29th) and I get 50% off, woo hoo! I will post picture Tuesday or Wednesday! 


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