Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The last couple of days I have been organizing a few drawers and cupboards. I will have things organized and then I just start throwing things in the drawers and it looks like a little explosion happened. I first organized my make/hair drawers.

I have these little compartments that I use. 

This bowl is on my night stand and I put my bobby pins, hair bands and clips in it when I am getting in bed. So, it gets full from time to time.

Messy Drawer!!! Ahhh

Ahhh, much better...

This makes me happy! Nice and Clean!

This is my baking cupboard! I did not take a before picture because I was too embarrassed! Every time I open it things start to fall out!

A basket for my bigger cookie cutter. I just love these Wilton Cookie Cutters!

These are my Easter and Spring Cookie Cutters.

All my sprinkles!!

Tubed icing.

Many Many Cookie Cutters!

A cookie jar of Cup Cake Liner.

All Organized! It makes me so happy! :)



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