Friday, January 6, 2012

Home decor


One more post for today. I am going to post pictures of the decor I have added to our apartment. Once we took down all the Christmas decorations, our apartment looked a little sad. I guess I forgot how it looked before all the Christmas decorations went up. Here is what I added to our home:

I made this with white canvas, scrap book paper and photos I took.

I made this with materials my mother-in-law gave me. You are suppose to connect the tags, but I thought I would hang it on the wall. 

Heart. I am little early for Valentine's Day. :)

It was $2.50 at Target. I knew I had to pick it up or it would be gone!

I also picked up this heart that is actually a chalk board!

I got this wall decor at TJMaxx. 

I got this clock on sale at Fred Myer's.

My thought is to hang it above the pictures, so the wall does not look so bare. I think I will have my husband do that this weekend. :)

I found this sign at JoAnn Fabric. 

I decorated the space by our toilet. The pictures, plant and candle are from my mother-in-law.

And I decorated this guy and placed him on my dresser. I just love it! I got it at Home Goods. These things are everywhere and I like the idea of them, but I did not like how big some of them were. But, I thought this one was the perfect size.

Our place is not look so bare any more, which is nice. I think almost every wall has something on it. 

I hope you have a great weekend!


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