Thursday, January 19, 2012

Favorite Things...

Happy Thursday! It is almost the weekend! I am going post some of my favorite things from Pinterest...

I love the outfit. I have almost of these pieces in some form. I love how sometimes you have all the pieces, but never put them together until you see a picture. I will try strips with a floral scarf.  

I cannot wait until summer time! Here in OR this week it has snowed lightly and now it is raining! And not just a mist, but a down pour. Shopping today was not fun!

I love this hair style and of course the flower. It reminded me of my hair style for my wedding, but I did not have a flower.

Pictures of family. It makes the house feel more homey. 

OMG! I want this! I wish I could make my desk more organized. I try, but then it just gets all messy again. 

These two pictures are not from Pinterest, but from my trip to Pier One Imports today...

I love these colors.

I thought this would be great for an entry way.

I hope you all have a great Thursday night!


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