Sunday, April 1, 2012

DIY Things

I have learned over the last couple of months that crafting/DIY Projects help me zone out and relax. I my not use what I made, but it is me time. I may not create something every day or every week, but we I sit down at my desk I could be there for a couple of hours. I have learned that I really enjoy making cards and seasonal things even if they do not turn out how I picture them in my head. 

So, I made a banner earlier this month and it did not turn out like I planned. I bought this banner at Target for $3.19. I think the supplies I bought cost a total of two dollars, so purchasing some already made for $3.19 was alright with me. 

I made this out material from Michael's and Target. I am planning it put it by my desk and using a dry erase marker to make notes on it.
Frame- Michael's $2.00
Scrap Book Paper- Michael's .25
Stickers- Target .99
Total: 3.24

I went into Michael's the other day and got some Scrap Book paper and stickers. They were all on sale! I stocked up to make a few birthday and Mother's Day cards. 

I saw this on Facebook and just loved it! Maybe one Easter I will make them!

I hope you all have something you can do to just relax and have some me time. We all need that me time just once in awhile. 


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