Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Coach, Lucky Brand, Kate Spade Please

I absolutely LOVE purses! My family knows that I am big fan of Coach and Lucky Brand Purses. Here is a look at my growing purse collection. 

My Clutch collection. It is growing, since I am starting to go to business dinners and weddings I have been on the look out for clutches. I have found that DSW Shoes and Target has some pretty good ones. 

 Coach Collection

Most of my Coach were bought at the Coach Outlet. One one brown I did buy at full price, with graduation and Christmas money. 

The Lucky Brand Collection

I believe all my Lucky Brand bags were bought at TjMaxx. Oh correction, my first Lucky Brand bag (the one that is all brown) was bought at the store. It was my first designer bag. :)

Kate Spade

This was a graduation present from my parents and it had money in it, which was used to buy a Coach bag. My mom got this purse at TjMaxx. 

Liz Claiborne

My first purse and it was bought at Macy's.

The Sak Bag. Bought at TjMaxx

Love my purses (and TjMaxx)!!!


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