Thursday, April 5, 2012

Inside my Closet

Here is a look inside my closet. When I lived my parents house I did not have a walk in closet and now I have a closet that I can actually stand in and see all my clothes, shoes, hats and scarfs. 

My hats and two of my purses. This door leads to our bedroom...

Some of my longer necklaces, headband and my cowgirl hat. 

My belts...

I have decided to put all my shoes in clear shoe boxes. I need a couple more before all my shoes are in boxes. 

I love the hangers have now. My husband showed me them and I went out to Costco and bought some for me. You can get 50 for $14.00 and they are much better then plastic white ones. 

I decided to put my frame note reminder board in my closet because I go in there everyday and it will remind me of the things I need to do that week or what things my husband will be doing.  

The lower part of my closet. 

I love this little dresser on wheels. I got it at Costco for $10 or $12 and it has worked well for my white tank tops and some of my purses. 

My scarfs. This door lead to our bathroom...

The two drawers I have below my clothes have some of my purses in them.

I am sad that I will have to leave this walk in closet for probably not a walk in closet. But, hopefully one day I will have a dream closet....

A girl can dream....


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