Monday, April 2, 2012

Girly Things

Happy Monday!

Here are some of my girly things at the moment. 

I got this little guy at TPT Home in California. Right if you get me anything with a bird or flower on it I will probably love it. 

My reading material at the moment! I have been waiting for a People Country to come out! And my Karen Kingsbury book came!! 

I got this soft pretty thing at Costco for about $10.00. We needed another warm fuzzy blanket because right now we share a comfy green blanket, but sometime you just want to cuddle up in by yourself. 

Birthday Gift Card to Francesca's

Loved these earrings. 

I thought this was a great thin headband with touches of color and it comfy!

I loved this jeweled headband, I will need to plan ahead when wearing it because it starts to hurt my head after awhile. But, it super cute. 

 I got this candle at Target for around $2.00. I love candles and this one has a flower in it! Love it!

Loving my girly things right now. Now I am going to go finish my book!!


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