Monday, March 5, 2012

Cards for all Occasions

When I need to get a card for someone I will usually go to Hallmark and pick out one. But, if I have time I will make a {HomeMADE} card for the person. Here are a few examples of the latest cards I have made...

This card was for my friend Courtney. Her birthday is actually today! Happy Birthday Courtney!!!

We love to bake together, so I put these stickers on the card.

My brother-in-Law loves Baseball, and his team is the Los Angeles Angels, so for Christmas my husband and I got him the MLB.TV package and I made him this card....

I also love just buying cute cards when I see them and sending quick notes to my sister, mom, dad or any other family member. Here are a few I picked up from Target. The first three are from the dollar section. Eight cards for $1.00! Great deal! The last time I went to Target I picked up two card making kits. Each of them as 30 pieces to it! I cannot wait to add more pieces to card making collection!

These next four cards were on sale sixteen cards for $5.00. I just absolutely love them! I love that each one has a heart somewhere. <3

I love this bike one for some reason, maybe it is because it is Spring time card and I want the sun to be out all the time. :)

I cannot wait to make more card and find more cute cards! I hope you have a great Monday!


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