Friday, March 30, 2012


I am been really busy these last couple of weeks/days with life. Here are some pictures to sum it up....

                     Best German Restaurant and it was at the airport!  

                                                                          UCIrvine, School of Law

San Diego, School of Law

We were down in California last week and our first stop of course was Chick-A-Fil for some yummy chicken and waffle fries!

We visited two schools, UCI and San Diego.  And we picked one! We will be heading to Irvine, California in July! We are both very excited to start this new adventure together. There will be lots of changes as he starts Law School, but we are excited to jump into this together.

I am so happy to be moving MUCH closer to my family and friends. Also, being back in my comfort zone. God has truly blessed us with all the choices of schools we were given. Even though we will be closer to our family, we know there will be many challenges and trials we will go through. But, we have our God and each other.

I hope you had a good week and have a GREAT weekend!


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