Wednesday, May 2, 2012

All About Target

I always enjoy going into Target and seeing what they have since they change there products so often. I love their clothes clearance section because I usually get the clothes I likes for half off or more. One thing I have learned is that at they have coupons on the top right corner of their web page. They usually have $3.00 off clothes coupons and much more! And the greatest thing is that you can use coupons on clearance items! 

Target Facebook:

They give great style tips and have give aways too!:

They give GREAT tips with coupons and how to save even more at target! I have gotten some great deals through this page:

I saw these and cannot wait to they go on sale!

I got about 8 rings for $7.99. Right now on Target has a coupon for buy one Jewelry item get another for half off. 

Here are three of the colors. I love them! I was looking for gold colored rings, since all I had was silver. 


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