Sunday, August 12, 2012

Move In Weekend

This past weekend has been an exhausting one! We moved into our new place on Friday and it was an all day thing! But, the good thing is that we got almost everything in on Friday and some things trickled in throughout the weekend. But, boy do my feet hurt!

My mother-in-law gave us this beauty. We are going to hang it over our couch since we have so much wall space to cover.

This was how it looked on Saturday

I got blinds for our bedroom because the light in the morning was awful

I got this from my parent's house and it is where i am keeping my baking supplies

The first time I did laundry in a communal place. I am finally getting the college experience 

This is the progress I made on my desk. My parents bought that desk for me when I was in the third grade! I still love it!

This is how our living room is coming 

I got this fake plant at Ikea. I love it and it only cost around $6.00 for the pot and plant.

I also got this at Ikea for $10.00 and I am going to hang it behind the door in the shower area.

I got a shower curtain from Target. I love the apple green color of it.

When I first walked into our apartment on Friday morning I was terrified about how everything we owned would fit into a smaller place, but it is actually working out. I really have to say thank you to everyone who has helped us move in and has given us free furniture and decorating items. All the help has made this empty apartment feel like a home to M and I. 

On a side note M starts his orientation this week and then starts law school next week! It is so crazy that it is finally here! I am so excited for him, if you think about it pray for him. 


I will be posting more pictures of our place soon!

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